Why back up a website?

A website should be backed up in case something goes wrong. What can go wrong?  The most common problems are:

  • server hardware failure
  • software malfunction caused by a virus, computer hacker or bug in the operating system,
  • an environmental issue where the server is being held such as a fire or flood.

How do backups work?

Every time your site is backed up a copy of all the site’s code and files is created and safely stored.  Should you need to restore your site, you simply choose you the most recent backup file and begin restoring your site.

How often should I back up my site?

As a general rule of thumb, the frequency of a site’s backups should match the frequency at which the site’s content is updated.  With Back Up Sites in Cloud, you have the freedom to specify how often you would like your site backed up.

What information will I be asked to provide in order to use Back Up Sites in Cloud?

Because Back Up Sites in Cloud handles every aspect of creating regularly scheduled backups within an existing RackSpace® Cloud Sites™ account, you will be asked to provide your RackSpace® Cloud Sites™ account credentials.  This only includes your user name and password.

What if I don’t have a RackSpace® Cloud Sites™ account?

Back Up Sites in Cloud currently only works with RackSpace® Cloud Sites™ account holders.  If you do not currently host your site with RackSpace®, you cannot use Back Up Sites in Cloud.

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